Following the founding purpose of the Bordeaux Women's Club (BWC), the BWC seeks to promote ties through social and cultural exchanges between French and English-speaking women in the Bordeaux area.

Understanding the cross-cultural mindset, the BWC aims to welcome English-speaking newcomers and French returnees to the region, helping them to adapt and integrate into their new environment.

We also support projects that advance women and the education of young girls.


Our Vision

Moving to a new place is exciting but can also be daunting. We believe that a network of women to reach out to and connect with makes life easier, richer and more pleasurable.

The BWC is committed to being an enthusiastic and caring group that offers opportunities to discover French culture and the Bordeaux region, and ourselves. We are passionate about fostering friendship through activities and convivial events in a relaxed atmosphere.

The wealth and variety of our cultures and individual experiences is a treasure that we value and share.

Whatever your age, your nationality, your personal background, or the reason that led you to settle in the Bordeaux region temporarily or permanently, you are welcome!

Our Missions

We welcome English-speaking international women and French women who have lived abroad or who have a multi-cultural family.

Whether a newcomer to our area or a newcomer to our Club, we hope our activities will facilitate your integration into French and Bordeaux life. The BWC is happy to be able to share your journey.

The BWC seeks to nourish a friendly and stimulating environment that helps women find each other, realize an outlet for common interests, tap into “insider” information about living in France, settle into the natural support of one another, and more!

Through our Community Outreach projects in favor of women and children, we seek ways to get involved in the fabric of our local community at a grass roots level.

Our Guiding Principles

We promote spending time together and getting to know each other in a caring manner, exploring and enhancing the many qualities shared as traveled women.

We believe in engaging with all members with goodwill, respect and open-mindedness.

Everyone is kindly invited to partake in all activities and to volunteer as Board member, activity leader, neighborhood coordinator, luncheon or event organizer, newsletter contributor, etc.

Discover a dynamic mix of English-speaking women 

from more than 20 countries.


"I’m English, married to a Frenchman and first joined the BWC in 1991 as a young mother in a new country. English is everywhere now, but it was such a tonic to speak my native tongue with people that not only understood my language but also shared cultural landmarks.

Now in 2021, after several national and international moves, the BWC has helped me feel very at home here in Bordeaux.

The club has metamorphosized into such a dynamic multi-talented group but the same welcoming spirit remains. After the years of Covid-19 we’ve just come through the group did the same job as when I first arrived. We kept in touch, kept informed and became even more creative… a Zoom blind tasting with mystery bottle delivered to my doorstep!

We laughed a lot thanks to so many people’s contributions and that probably sums up the BWC for me".


"I’m not really French, not really Spanish, and married to a German guy. We left Paris in 2019, after my husband retired. We had decided then to change life – again. Being without my children was for me a bit more challenging…

I discovered the BWC and joined a luncheon.

I’ve met such interesting women, having similar experiences and so open-minded!

During the lockdown, we continued sharing through WhatsApp and it made everything so much lighter. Since I joined, 15 months ago, I have discovered English books as well as Bordeaux, I have met new friends with whom I can share laughter, complaints and laughter again. The BWC filled my new life with joy!".


"Hello, I am African-American international artist Shirley Monestier. Traveling the world is my passion and experiencing diverse cultures inspire my artworks. I love great cuisine, wine, jazz music, cultural events, and moments with family and friends. Fifteen years ago, hubby Jean-Marie and I moved from Paris banlieue to lovely Bordeaux, his hometown.

I have been a member of BWC for 15 years and treasure my association with women who are welcoming, caring, sharing, giving, talented and fun. BWC offers a multitude of activities and events one can participate in and there are opportunities to create your own. My favorite activities are attending BWC’s Annual Spring Dinner and participating in the virtual online Apero Pub Quiz! I appreciated the opportunity to aid in the creation of BWC’s cook book.

The women who volunteer their time, effort to BWC, and enhance its success and growth are my SHEROES! BRAVO BWC!".


"Hello! My Name is Corine. I’m French and from Bordeaux. I’m married and a mum of 3 princesses. I work for Château Maucaillou in Moulis en Médoc where I’m in charge of the wine tourism, known here as “oenotourisme”.

I’ve lived in Switzerland, England and in Germany for some years, and I’ve travelled through several continents. I speak several languages and love to meet with people from all over the world.

BWC welcomed me in 2018 and was an opportunity for me to be part of an international community back home, which I much appreciate. Since, I have taken part in different activities – luncheons, walks, visits, wine tastings… and am now the Northwest neighborhood coordinator. It is my turn to welcome new members". 


The Bordeaux Women's Club is an Association Loi 1901 organisation. Bordeaux France © 2021. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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