Meet the 2021-2022 Board

Marie Castagné


I am from New York. I worked in London for 6 yrs as Director of Europe for the Elite Model Competition and 6yrs as an Editor at Wallpaper* magazine, before moving to Arcachon with my family in 2011 when I joined the BWC.  I was the Membership Coordinator for 3 years,  VP for 2 years during which time I initiated the creation of awards for our legacy members – members for at least 25 years known as 'Ambassadors'.  My commitment is to our long term members and my hope is that all of our members will eventually become Ambassadors.

Susan Hautefeuille

Vice President

Membership Coordinator

I am Japanese-American, born in the Midwest US, met French husband in Tokyo, also lived in NY, Australia, and now am in the Bordeaux area. Life unfolds in creative ways! An innocent phone call lead me to the BWC, where the unique perspective and natural understanding of what it is to have a varied life, the multiculturalism, the sharing and support of dynamic women, and the fun range of activities, were all a perfect fit. I plunged right in and welcome you to do the same! Past BWC president for 6 years, VP for 8 yrs, Board Advisor 1. Dedicated, sharing, and enthusiastic, let's continue this wonderful legacy together.

Kit Seguin

Vice President

Community Outreach Coordinator



Fene-Le Boucher

Vice President

It was a great surprise to find the BWC upon my arrival in Bordeaux when I retired after having held various positions in large multinational companies. The diversity of the members (from many countries around the world) with different profiles and backgrounds creates a kind of family with a very positive spirit. You can feel the emerging energy when we meet in small or large groups.

Eileen Basgallop


I am originally from Scotland and now have French nationality. I moved to France in 2000 after working in London for quite a lot of years as a 'secrétaire générale' in various companies. I have been a BWC member for 12 years. I was treasurer for one year and secretary for two years prior to now. I love the mix of nationalities and cultures that the BWC brings together.

Katey Murray


I have lived in France since 2003. I am British with Scottish, Liverpudlian and Irish origins. I am married to a French man and we have two boys Liam and Finley. I joined the club originally in 2013 but left due to my work schedule. I rejoined in 2017 when I started working as a financial adviser, and my work-life balance improved. I like attending the luncheons because I like eating out, chatting with the ladies and learning something new about them. I also like outdoor activities such as walk and talks and bike rides. It is lovely to be more involved with the BWC to see the commitment and efforts of the members and board members to the club and its activities. 

The Extended Board

Gail Wood

Activities Coordinator

I am American and with my Scottish husband, lived in Europe for a few years before finally settling in France in 1977. Along our path, our daughter was born in Munich and our son in Geneva. At retirement in 2003, I resettled in Gironde and have enjoyed the friendship and support which the BWC has brought me. It has given me pleasure to reciprocate by working as membership coordinator for a few years and now as activities coordinator. Both are rewarding jobs!

Deirdre Rankin


and Events Coordinator

I am Scottish by birth but have lived in UK, India and Africa before settling in France in 1991. I joined the BWC after many years of debate with myself about an all-female/American organisation but, after a delightful Sunday lunch at a member's house where all the guests were BWC ladies with their partners, I joined and do not regret it for a moment. I help to run the Cinema group and I am one of the Luncheon and events coordinators.

Linda Martin

Neighborhood Groups Coordinator

I've been living happily in Bordeaux for a long time (27 years), where I raised my family. I am American, with French nationality as well, and have been working locally as coordinator for teaching "English for Nursing and Radiography" also for many years. I have been Vice President and President of the BWC. So this association and its members are dear to my heart. I'm very much looking forward to participating in BWC's newest evolution and it's new enthusiastic team. 

Barbara Josse

Newsletter Editor

I moved to Bordeaux and joined the BWC nearly 3 years ago. I'm British and a keen cyclist, walker, in fact anything active. When I unexpectedly found myself with additional time on my hands, I offered to edit the Newsletter. It has become a passion. I appreciate the range of activities, and the warm and supportive network created by our members. 

Anne-Sophie Belloeil

IT Coordinator

I am French and when I joined the Club at the end of 2018, I had just moved to Bordeaux having spent several years in the USA. I found a group of open-minded and earnest women with diverse backgrounds, ages and interests to welcome me – several became close friends.  

I am in charge of our website and management software, I assist Deirdre with luncheons and events, and run an activity called Made in France.

Sara Babin

Facebook Manager

I’m originally from San Francisco but was swept away by my French boyfriend in the early 90’s. We have lived in 6 countries since we met. In 2008, we decided to settle in his hometown, Bordeaux. We’ve lived here ever since with our two boys. I joined the BWC right away and have never looked back. I’ve had the pleasure of holding several roles on the extended board and was president of the BWC for 3 years. The BWC has been a place of friendship every step of the way with a dynamic group of international women that understand the challenges and joys of living a global life.

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