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The Bordeaux Women’s Club helps international English-speaking women to meet each other and appreciate and adapt comfortably into French and Bordelaise life and culture.


A wide variety of activities for all ages and interests are offered every month from games to tours to cocktails to book groups! Check out the current calendar & full list of activities here.

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Our History

The Club was created in 1951 during the Cold War by American military wives living in Southwest France. At that time, the goal of the Club was to seek a way to welcome new arrivals to France, by providing recreation and entertainment, and by promoting social development. With the encouragement of the American and French governments, the club evolved and soon aimed to encourage friendships between American and French women.

US troops left France in 1967-68, and the club became the American Women’s Club. It soon began welcoming English-speaking women of all nationalities, and the name changed again to Bordeaux Women’s Club. In 1984, we became an official association, recognized by the French government.

It is the wealth and variety of our individual experiences that we share as women, as fellow members, and even as world citizens, that makes the BWC such an engaging and special group.

Today, you will discover a dynamic mix of English-speaking women from more than 23 countries.

> WATCH: Find out more about the BWC from former President Sara Babin in an interview with Bordeaux Feminin.

From our members:

“Leaving Toronto, Canada and moving to Bordeaux with my husband, for his work, was exciting but also daunting. We didn’t know a soul here and while my husband had his work colleagues, I was unemployed and could have easily passed days without seeing anyone but him and our two cats! Lucky for me soon after moving we met an American couple and she introduced me to the Bordeaux Women’s Club. Instantly I felt so much more at home here! Suddenly I had activities I could attend and huge network of women to reach out to and connect with. Many of my dearest friends in Bordeaux I met through the BWC and it’s been my absolute pleasure to volunteer for the club. If you’re new to Bordeaux (or even if you’re not!), I cannot recommend joining the BWC more — it’s an incredible group of ladies.”

Jackie J, Canadian, BWC Member Since 2012


“I arrived in France in 1990 and unfortunately it took me 3 years to find about the BWC. I wish I’d found out about it earlier as it has made my life so much more pleasurable. Over the 21 years that I have been a member, I have made many new friends, seen many new faces from all backgrounds, countries and cultures and it has been so enriching. Some of the people I have met have become very close friends that I know I can truly rely on in difficult times and there is a wonderful warm feeling of support within the club. The Bordeaux Women’s Club is like a large family and everybody is always ready to lend a hand, an ear, a shoulder etc. to the other members. I’ve never felt that feeling of being part of a family (at least it seems more like a large family than a club to me !) like that before and it’s wonderful. It’s so lovely just knowing that all those lovely ladies are there giving their time, their knowledge, whatever each person can, just for the pleasure of helping each other, spending time together and enriching each other’s lives. What would I have done without it? I’d rather not think about it.”

Laura Pages

Laura P, British, BWC Member Since 1994


“The Bordeaux Women’s Club saved my life! When I found myself alone with no family in France, this group of inspiring, thoughtful, gracious ladies stepped unimposing into the gap. Their welcome inspired me to take part in the conversation (now discussion) group, a book club, the film circle and “Walk & Talk” – a great introduction to the city that I now consider my home. Thanks to the club I feel that I have some wonderful new, faithful friends and an outlet for my interests.”

Joy King

Joy K, American, BWC Member Since 2012


“The BWC, for me, was fulfilling in very special ways. There was, of course, the links of friendship, but there were also the connections via the BWC which changed my and my family’s life. Not only did my boys have annual wonderful holiday exchanges in Great Britain, but in 1989 we also could become a host family to a Californian girl, with whom we still keep close ties! Enthusiastic, I became a French coordinator of the exchange program for about 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed the many cross-cultural connections. Within the BWC, I was the Public Relations Officer and once again the international dimensions brought a valued richness in the dynamic community liaisons I partook of. To conclude, I found very good friends within and through the BWC, and enjoyed investing myself in many exciting activities!

Martine Bernaudin

Martine B, French, BWC Member Since mid-1980s


I am always very happy and excited when I open my diary and see that I have an appointment for a BWC activity! I am certain then that I will spend a precious moment meeting very kind ladies (with amazing life stories!) in a warm and interesting atmosphere.The BWC allows me to learn a lot of things in many varied fields. I heard the first time about the BWC through my German friend, Gerrit. “Friend, friendship” this is the main “ingredient” for me. Thanks to the BWC my brain learns, my imagination is fed, and my heart laughs. Thank you to all of you.”

Jacqueline Haemel

Jacqueline H, French, BWC Member Since 2012


“Monotonous routine can be very difficult and isolating, particularly when one’s family is far away, as is the case for many of us living in a foreign country. That’s why the BWC has become my great friend, my escape with the perspective of rich, warm and so joyful meetings! Also the discovery of wonderful ladies from all over the world, sharing their culture, experiences, and knowledge. I must emphasize how grateful I am to Marta Rime (the Swiss Consul’s wife, in Bordeaux at that time) to have introduced me to the Club. Between that day and today, there have been 30 years, and I am now among the longest continuing members. I thank the BWC for asking for my testimonial. I feel very honored.”

Denise D, Swiss, BWC Member Since mid-1980s

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